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Welcome to the Treasured Islands of the South Pacific ~ Samoa!

The Samoa Hotel Association which owns/operates this site has accommodation ranging from budget guesthouses and traditional beachside fales to the best hotels and resorts in Samoa. Have a look at what the Samoa hotels has on offer and call on us for the latest travel information from our local Samoan team.

The Independent State of Samoa, formerly Western Samoa, is a true South Pacific Island paradise. This scenic anthology has inspired literary classics such as Robert Louis Stevenson’s, ‘Treasure Island’ and cinema at its very best in James A Michener’s masterpiece, ‘Return to Paradise’ starring Garry Cooper.

The capital Apia on the island of Upolu is a compact city that acts as a convenient base for exploring the outer Samoa islands. Apia boasts of many good fales, hotels, restaurants and guesthouses. Also available in plenty are local tour operators, car rentals, banking facilities and shops.

Accommodation outside Apia around the main islands of Upolu and Savai’i lies mostly along the coast and is quite scattered. Bookings, if only for the first night, are highly recommended so you don’t end up in a small community with only a couple of house-full accommodation providers to choose from!

If you haven’t booked accommodation around the islands before your arrival in Samoa, you can drop by the office of the Samoa Hotel Association in down-town Apia. Our friendly staff would be happy to help you out with useful information and could easily book accommodation for you around this beautiful country.

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